December 2017 Newsletter

Jan 1, 2018

December 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year! Business aside, Greg and I want to thank everyone that has supported us through 2017 and on into 2018. We especially want to thank our very patient wives Bailey and Chaz as the make us and Data & Sons much, much better in so many ways. We are big believers that Data & Sons will enable millions to join the knowledge economy by selling data on our marketplace. The amount and diversity of information in a society are two of the biggest predictors of that society’s new knowledge development. By providing a more equitable way to acquire and transfer data, we genuinely believe making all of this new data available will speed innovation and social progress. Thanks to everyone that is making this a reality.

2017 was a major year for Data & Sons and we are proud to announce we finished up strong. In December, our site traffic was up over 1000% from November and we continue to see strong user growth with more datasets being added to our marketplace. Our initial sales and site traffic have resulted in our first two investors coming on board. Both investors are seasoned tech entrepreneurs and leaders and we are very excited about the rapid growth we can continue to foster with their capital and expertise!

In November, we anticipated completing a partnership agreement with a data brokerage to provide a greater variety of data. I am happy to announce we now have two such partnerships. The partnerships will mean Data & Sons buyers will now have access to over 20 Million business and customer contacts! We think this will be a win for all involved in the Data & Sons marketplace. Look for the new data to be added to the marketplace in early January.

We also announced our data request and affiliate partner management platform. We are pleased to report the data request feature is in full development and the affiliate management platform in now in beta. The data request feature provides buyers the ability to request datasets at a specified price. This effectively creates demand in our marketplace reducing some of the uncertainty around not knowing what data will sell and for what price. Our affiliate partner management system enables people that refer data sellers to Data & Sons to receive a commission whenever their affiliated seller sells any data. We think this will drive a lot of new content to the site and allow us to rapidly scale.

What’s next in 2018

January will see our first marketing campaign directed at driving buyers to our marketplace. We will focus on Lead Generation datasets since this has been the most active category on Data & Sons. Lead Generation datasets provide buyers the contact information of perspective customers they can use for direct (email, phone, mail) and social media (Facebook Audiences) marketing. We think the start of a new year os the perfect time to help businesses find new customers.

We will also continue to bring on investors and will be presenting on January 25th at the Wave Tampa Bay. Our presentation will provide a more detailed understanding of Data & Sons and our revolutionary business model. Please contact me if you would like to attend.

We anticipate continued investor funding will allow us to continue to grow Data & Sons. We will be adding several new team members in 2018. Our new team members will be focused on (1) growing specific data categories by finding data sellers and buyers underserved by how data is developed, acquired, and transferred for these types of data; (2) developing outstanding marketing content that educates buyers and sellers on how to make money on Data & Sons; and (3) more development engineers.

Adding to our development team enables us to stay adaptive and continue to roll out great new features. We anticipate adding a bidding function to the marketplace. Buyers can make a bid on any dataset and the Seller can than take or counter the bid. This will make our market more price efficient. We will also be adding a tutorial section. Buyers and Sellers can learn how they can make money on Data & Sons’ revolutionary marketplace either by developing and/or acquiring data for sale.

We hope 2017 was as an exciting year for you as it was for us. Here’s to all of us being empowered, successful and safe in 2018!