Personal Privacy Policy

At Data & Sons believe all people are entitled to their privacy and respect individual rights to protect personal information. We pledge not to allow the sale of personal information on our data marketplace. We safeguard personal privacy by reviewing all data before it is listed for sale on Data & Sons.

We do not allow the sale, exchange, barter, trade, or any other transfer of Data containing personal identifying information through our Services. No Data can contain:

  • Any government issued identification number (e.g. U.S. Social Security number, Passport number, driver’s license number, etc.).
  • Any person’s medical information
  • Criminal convictions or other legal judgements

No Data can contain a person’s legal name with any combination of the following information:

  • Banking, financial, or other business account information
  • Biometric information (e.g. height, weight, eye color, etc.)
  • Passwords of any kind

Not allowing identifying information to be sold on Data & Sons allows us to facilitate the development, sale, and transfer of a wide range of information that speeds knowledge development and makes organizations of all kinds more efficient and effective. All data sellers and developers in the Data & Sons community thus benefit from abiding by our personal privacy pledge.

We do allow personally identifying information that has been published by a government entity or is otherwise in the public domain. Property sales, business licenses, articles of incorporation, and publicly available contact information are all examples of data that may contain personally identifying information that is allowable for sale or sharing on Data & Sons.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about our personal privacy pledge.


Request Removal of Personally Identifying Information

Data & Sons allows people to request the removal of their personally identifying information off our datasets. If you see your name on one of the datasets a seller has posted for sale (e.g. in the sample data), you can request to have it removed. Just click on the button below and please provide your name, email, and the dataset your name appears in and we’ll have the seller remove it.