Attorney Contact Lists

Email, phone, and postal addresses for attorneys and law firms.

Business Information & Financials

The financials section is for datasets containing general business information, including company and industry reports, performance metrics, and company financials (income statements, P&L, balance sheets, cash flow statements, etc).

Classroom Datasets

Data sets developed for educational purposes. Data science instructors can create and sell data sets to their students through the Academics category on Data & Sons.

Earth Sciences

Climatology, earth science, geology, oceanography, and marine science datasets


Global, national, and local economic activity data.


Education data on test scores, enrollment, budgets, and student & teacher performance. Also includes educational business related data for universities, private schools, and education providers (NAICS code series 61).


Datasets for civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical, nuclear engineering, and materials science.


Datasets of gaming information including play, rules, player lists, results, and piece inventory.


Data sets on government policies, regulations, taxation, budgets, expenditures, contracts, and other government related information.

Health & Medicine

All data related to medicine & healthcare (e.g. disease rates, health care expenditures, and staffing). Healthcare business related data for hospitals, physicians, assisted living, and child care (NAICS code series 62). Excludes health insurance provider data. IMPORTANT: No HIPA related data may be sold or shared on Data & Sons

Lead Generation

Identifying customers is the key to any successful marketing campaign. Lead Generation Lists on Data & Sons typically provide customer contact information including name, address, phone, website, and email. Many of these datasets have been used in successful marketing campaigns and provide you the contact information necessary for your next mail, telemarketing, and direct email campaigns. The leads are gold!!

Location Lists

Best place to find great location lists is on Data & Sons! If you are trying to find data on the location of just about anything, our location datasets are a great place to look.

Machine Learning

Machine learning requires large amounts of data to develop predictive models of the world. Help foster the development of machine learning by sharing or selling datasets you have developed or acquire new datasets to jumpstart your next project.


Financial, commodity, and other market data.


Social and Neural network data sets.

Physical Sciences

Datasets for astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics.


The Political Data section of Data & Sons enables political professionals, academics, and others to exchange voter, campaign, contribution, lobbying, legislation, and other elections data.

Product Lists

Data sets containing product information. Product catalogs including pricing, descriptions, and components should be posted in this category.

Ratings & Reviews

Datasets of customer reviews and comments.

Sales & Transactions

Major sales and transaction data including equipment, financial products, and real estate. For smaller, reoccurring purchases please post in under POS Reports.