Data & Sons was formed to make collecting data easier and more equitable. Whether in business, government, or the sciences, 80% of existing data is inaccessible or “dark.” Although the collection of data is a multibillion dollar business, much of this data remains dark because it is often niche (e.g. particular geography, company), private (controlled by a single owner), and distributed (across millions of owners). Oh, and messy. The economics for collecting this data currently do not work: little incentive exists for the owners of this data to share it, and the task of collecting this data is too costly.

An simple solution to this problem is an online marketplace for buying, selling, and developing data. A marketplace connects data owners and collectors changing the economics of buying and selling digital information. Our system quickly formats most data into organized data sets allowing almost anyone to sell their raw data in a few easy steps. Data & Sons’ personal privacy pledge not to allow the sale of individual information on our marketplace removes most of the legal and ethical concerns around data transfer.