Faculty Could Earn Over $1K for Every Class

Jul 20, 2018

Earn Over $1000 for Each Class You Teach!

 Teaching analytics, statistics, and econometrics courses often require you to develop custom datasets for class exercises and assignments. I know from experience in my own classes that it takes a lot of time and effort to build these datasets. However, unlike textbooks, course packets, and other printed course materials, there’s no way for faculty to be compensated for their hard work in preparing data based course materials.

That’s why we built Data & Sons. Faculty can easily upload, post, and price their class datasets on our data marketplace. Students can then easily find your course datasets on Data & Sons and purchase it with one click. Data & Sons not only provides you the ability to earn extra money selling your datasets, you can also now track which students have downloaded your datasets. Our custom licensing feature allows you to determine whether your dataset can be resold or sold exclusively by you.

 Unlike published course materials where the publisher keeps most of the sales, you keep most of your money. Our faculty make an average of $1140 for each class they teach by selling their custom developed datasets. We only take a commission when your dataset sells and uploading data to Data & Sons is always free. Not only can you sell your datasets to your students, other faculty can adopt your datasets for their courses by finding them on the Data & Sons data marketplace giving you the ability to make thousands more.

Visit our selection of Course Datasets and upload yours today! Also see our Tutorial on selling course datasets to your students.