Lead Generation Datasets

US Hotels
Rows: 1144
Contact list of managers/owners of over 1,100 hotels in major markets across the US. Hotel name, address, and website are provided with owner/manager's name and contact information (phone & email). The hotel's star rating is available for many of the listings.
Top Interior Designers
Rows: 468
List of almost 600 top interior designers in the Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco markets. Dataset includes design company name, address, website, principal manager/owner name and email.
NYC Weddings
Rows: 242
List of wedding planners and venues in the NYC metro area. List includes company name, address, phone, and website. Princing is included for most event planners and rating for most planners and venues (ratings from www.eventwire.com). Cool dataset for anyone making a data driven wedding in the Big Apple!
Irish SEOs
Rows: 35
Over 100 Sarch Engine Optimization (SEO) firms in Ireland. List includes company name, contact email, and address.
Ohio Architects
Rows: 301
Over 400 architecture firms in the Cleveland and Cincinatti markets. Company name, contact name, title, and phone. Over 140 email contacts also available.
US Physicians
$29.99 to $24.99
Rows: 1775
Limited dataset providing physician's name, company, city, state, zip, and website. Dataset is useful for someone looking to build a more complete lead generation list with web scrapping or data entry to supplement current information. List was developed from manual data entry and web search.
Home Goods Designers & Retailers
Rows: 1700
Great lead generation dataset with the contact information for over 1600 executives in home goods design and retail. List includes company name, address, and primary contact phone and email. Secondary contact information provided for some companies. Data was collcted using web search and manual data entry. Very useful lead list fro anyone trying to sell products in the home goods category!
Computer Repair Companies in California
Rows: 2932
Over 3,000 computer repair companies in the state of California. Includes company name, address, phone, email, website, and web meta data. Data obtained from web scrapping. 
Auto Repair & Parts Companies
$249.99 to $199.99
Rows: 15279
Detailed list of over 15,000 auto repair and parts companies in the US. Dataset includes company name, category/sub-category, address, email, and website.  Data collected from web scrapping with supplemental manual data entry. Great contact list for lead generation: we used the dataset for a MailChimp email campaign and had a 4.3% response rate. Great list for mailers or phone campaigns as well.
Contact Info for 20,000 US Restaurants
$499.00 to $399.00
Rows: 21210
Contact information for over 20,000 restaurants across the US. All restaurants from the NAICS code 72251: Restaurants and Other Eating Places. This includes all set down, fast casual, fast food, and ethnic restaurants.  List includes name, address, phone number, website, contact email address, and a brief description.  Data was collected from a combination of web scrapping and manual data entry. Similar lists cost over $1500 from lead generation and business data companies.
Window Tinting and Blinds Companies
$199.99 to $149.99
Rows: 79570
Contact information for over 10,000 window tinting and blinds companies in the US. Company name, phone number, and address for each tinting company. Dataset contains tinting firms specializing in the auto industry as well. Data was collected through web search and manual entry from September to October 2017.  Comperable contact list would cost over $500 on most lead generation services.    
New Financial Advisers' Contact Info
Rows: 1164
The dataset contains the names, title, and webpages for the over 700 independent financial advisors that started business in 2017. The principal manager's email address is available for 397 of the companies. The data was collected using the Independent Adviser Registration Depository (IARD) and then manual web search and data entry ofr email addresses.