Classroom Datasets Datasets

HR recruitment, selection, and performance data
Rows: 1312450
Large dataset of select HR applicant and performance data. IMPORTANT: this file was generated solely for pedagogical purposes. Due to the method of generation (R: BinOrdNonNor), it should NOT be used for research purposes. Note that the files will need to be joined in order to fully explore most relevant questions. This was intentionally left to the students to do as an exercise in order to further develop relevant skills. Selection Data Description provides a description of the variables contained in each of the remaining files.
Econ 451 Mathematical Economics
Rows: 12361
Class data for ECON 451, Fall 2017. Please purchase and download this data set. The data is required for completing homework assignments in ECON 451.
Business Intelligence
Rows: 11218
Data for Fall 2017 Business Intelligence module in Master of Business Information programme.
ENT 6126 Strategic Entrepreneurship
Rows: 376
Data set for ENT 6126 at USF. The data set is a required course material ENT 6126. Students will need the data set to complete assignments 4, 5, and 7 and the final course project. Data is original content with data sourced from SEC Edgar and Data set is available for use in other course. Please message for course materials and assignments.
REE 6315 Real Estate Market & Transaction Analysis
Rows: 929
Class materials for REE 6315 in Fall 2017. We will be using this data as an ongoing example throughout the course. Students will need this data to complete in class quizzes and out of class assignments. Please also download the free real estate listing data also required for the course: Data was sourced by combining open data sources with instructors original content.
Corporate Taxes
Rows: 65501
Required course material for ACC 7375 Corporate Taxation. Total amount of state, Federal, and international taxes paid by every U.S. based public company sourced from the Security and Exchange Commission's Edgar database.