Social Media Audiences Datasets

Public Relations Facebook Audience
$299.00 to $199.00
Rows: 1990
Reach journalists, publishers, and other media members through Facebook by using this audience. This list is formatted to create a Facebook Custom Audience of over 2,000 media members. You can have your stories, ads, blog posts, and other content appear in the news feeds of these media members by simply uploading this file into Facebook Business Manager. Let's you by pass expensive PR firms and take your story directly to the media. Never made a Facebook Custom Audience before? Simply click on the "Documents" tab and download the PDF receive containing instructions on how to create a Facebook Custom Audience. Want to reach more than these media members? Use the file to create a Lookalike Audeince from the file of over 2,000 media contacts.
Top Economists Audience
Rows: 859
Our Top Economists Audience list allows you to easily build a Facebook Audience of the world's top economists. A Facebook Audience allows you to choose which people see your ad or boosted post in their Facebook News Feed. If you want to get your information in front of economists and economics professors from the wrold's top universities, simply upload the file into your Facebook Business Account. Select "Create a Custom Audience" and "Customer File" and then upload the Top Economist file. Once you create your custom audience from our Top Economist file, you can then select "Create a Lookalike Audience." Facebook will then other people with similar Facebook profiles and show your ad or boosted post to them as well.