Surveys Datasets

Opinion on Abortion - 2022
$1,200.00 to $1,000.00
Rows: 999
Voters in California have been asked if abortion should be legal or not. The survey captures gender, age, zip code and if they have children or not. 
Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 2017 A look into the lives of over 64,000 Stack Overflow developers
Rows: 51248
Every year, Stack Overflow conducts a massive survey of people on the site, covering all sorts of information like programming languages, salary, code style and various other information. This year, they amassed more than 64,000 responses fielded from 213 countries. Data The data is made up of two files: 1. survey_results_public.csv - CSV file with main survey results, one respondent per row and one column per answer 2. survey_results_schema.csv - CSV file with survey schema, i.e., the questions that correspond to each column name m Acknowledgements Data is directly taken from StackOverflow and licensed under the ODbL license.