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ENT 6126 Strategic Entrepreneurship
Rows: 376
Category: Classroom Datasets
Data set for ENT 6126 at USF. The data set is a required course material ENT 6126. Students will need the data set to complete assignments 4, 5, and 7 and the final course project. Data is original content with data sourced from SEC Edgar and Data set is available for use in other course. Please message for course materials and assignments.
U.S. Architects
Rows: 9483
Category: Lead Generation
Our Architects contact lists contains over 9,000 individual contacts. The majority of contacts are architects with less than 1,000 civil engineers, designers, and builders also included in the list. All contacts were verified in November, 2017. This is the perfect lead generation list for anyone launching a direct email campaign to architects and others involved in construction design.   ProList Marketing is dedicated to providing world class professional contact lists. We cultivate contacts with professionals in accounting, architecture & engineering, finance, law, and medicine enabling us to provide accurate and up to date contact information. We guarantee the quality of our contacts and offer refunds on any inaccurate contacts.  
Public Corporation Financials
$499.99 to $399.99
Rows: 65501
Category: Business Information & Financials
Select financial information of U.S. public corporations aggregated from the SEC's Edgar database. Data set includes income statement items (total revenue, total expenses, gross profit, net income, taxes, and EDIBTA), balance sheet items including (current & total assets, cash, debt, and current & total liabilities).
US Craft Breweries
Rows: 5265
Category: Lead Generation
A delicious dataset containing the brewery name, address, phone, contact email, and owner/managing partner's name. The type of brewery (micro, regional, brewpub, etc.) is also specified. Data was collected by webscrape of GABF site of the past three years to identify breweries and then combination of web scrape and manual data entry to add contact information. All contacts current as of 11/18/17
Corporate Taxes
Rows: 65501
Category: Classroom Datasets
Required course material for ACC 7375 Corporate Taxation. Total amount of state, Federal, and international taxes paid by every U.S. based public company sourced from the Security and Exchange Commission's Edgar database.
Jacksonville - Marketing, Advertising, & PR Companies
Rows: 1431
Category: Lead Generation
  Carefully curated list of Marketing, Advertising, & PR Companies in the greater Jacksonville, FL area. We strive to keep our customers satisfied, so they no loger have to worry about finding quality leads.  Which is why we offer a 100% data guaranteee.  If there is any information missing or incorrect we will replace it for you. Contact us immediately. What you will find below: - Contact Name - Title - Company - Email - & more        
Domain Names with US Registrants — Registered between March 01, 2018 to March 15, 2018
Rows: 208388
Category: Lead Generation
For sale are domain names with WHO IS information that were registered between Mar 01, 2018 and Mar 15, 2018 by registrants in United States.  Domains which obfuscate registrant, administrative, and other WHO IS contact details have been omitted from this dataset. The following information is availble for download in this dataset: - Domain name, Created Date, Updated Date, Expiration Date, Registrar Name- Registrant Company, Name, Address, City, State/Province/Other, Postal Code, Country, Email, Phone #, Fax #- Administrative Company, Name, Address, City, State/Province/Other, Postal Code, Country, Email, Phone #, Fax #- Technical Company, Name, Address, City, State/Province/Other, Postal Code, Country, Email, Phone #, Fax #- Billing Company, Name, Address, City, State/Province/Other, Postal Code, Country, Email, Phone #, Fax #- NameServer1, NameServer2, NameServer3, NameServer4, - DomainStatus1, DomainStatus2, DomainStatus3, DomainStatus4 Still unsure about purchasing this dataset? View and Download a free sample dataset of global domain name registrations - Are you interested in a more targeted domain name registration dataset?  Select the "Ask Seller a Question" link, send me a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Public Corporation Auditors
Rows: 50982
Category: Business Information & Financials
Data set containing every U.S. based pubic corporation, the primary auditor of that company, and the auditor's opinions. Auditors' opinions of both financials and governance controls are provided. Finance opinion ranges from unaudited, unqualified (no issues), unqualified with specific language (no issues with explanation), qualified (limited, specific issues), no opinion, to adverse opinion (financial statements are not accurate). Governance controls opinion ranges from no opinion, effective (no issues), adverse (issues), disclaimer (unable to evaluate), to delayed filing.
Top Interior Designers
Rows: 468
Category: Lead Generation
List of almost 600 top interior designers in the Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco markets. Dataset includes design company name, address, website, principal manager/owner name and email.
Las Vegas Area Professionals
Rows: 4535
Category: Lead Generation
Contact information for Las Vegas area professionals. List includes C Level Officers, Attorneys, HR Managers, Chiropractors, and Software Engineers. Contact's name, email, phone, and address are provided. Information is verified as of 2/5/18.
500 License-Issued Cannabis Retailers as of March 2018 in the State of Washington
Rows: 500
Category: Lead Generation
A list of carefully searched, gathered and compiled license-issued marijuana retailers as of March 2018 in Washington containing the following information: - Business Name - Exact Street Address (Storefront) - City - State - County - Zip Code - Email Address  - Day Phone Number (100% Provided) - Other Phone Number - Business Website
Targeted Leads Lists of Chiropractors in Texas
$99.99 to $47.00
Rows: 1297
Category: Lead Generation
Contact information for chiropractors in the state of New York including name, clinic name, phone, address, email, and website. All leads were verified on 4/1/18. We guarantee the quality of our contact information and will replace any leads with inaccurate information with two new leads!