Data & Sons Approval Policy

We strive to facilitate the open exchange of a wide range of information. A big part of enabling the exchange of data is making sure we adhere to guidelines, laws, and policies relating to the exchange of data. Most of these rules have been developed to protect individual privacy and we stridently respect individuals’ rights to privacy. Please see our Personal Privacy Pledge for more information on how Data & Sons views personal privacy.

All data submitted for sale on Data & Sons is subject to review. The purpose of reviewing data submitted for sale is to uphold our Personal Privacy Pledge and ensure the quality of data. In order to make selling information on Data & Sons as effortless as possible, we have developed the following Policy. The Policy is used by our data reviewers to determine whether data is appropriate for sale on Data & Sons. Adhering to the Policy when developing data to be sold on Data & Sons will increase your chances of having your data set approved for sale.

Data Approval Policy

We do not allow the sale, exchange, barter, trade, or any other transfer of Data containing personally sensitive information through our Services.

No Data can contain:

  • Any government issued identification number (e.g. U.S. Social Security number, Passport number, driver’s license number, etc.).

No Data can contain a person’s legal name with any combination of the following information:

  • Banking, financial, or other business account information
  • Biometric information (e.g. height, weight, eye color, genetics, etc.)
  • Medical information (e.g. illnesses, medical conditions, hospital visits, etc.)
  • Performance information (e.g. employee evaluations, academic grades, etc.)
  • Passwords of any kind

We will not post any data for sale that has not been approved by one of our reviewers. Our reviews will examine data submitted for sale to Data & Sons to check if your data contains any violation of the Data Approval Policy. If a reviewer thinks some part of your data does not adhere to our Policy, they will contact you and request that you amend your data. A reviewer may determine data is to sensitive even if it meets the policy guidelines above and request it be amended. The reviewer will provide you with guidance on how to modify your data to meet our Policy.

After you have been contacted by a reviewer, you have 30 days to submit modified data. Data & Sons reserves the right to delete any data that has not been approved by a reviewer after 30 days from initial submission.

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