Machine Learning Datasets

Twitch Stream Data
$40.00 to $20.00
Rows: 7936132
Twitch stream data collected from ~2500 popular Twitch streamers over 4 months (9/24/2020 to 2/05/2021). Real time data for live streamers updated approx. every 5 minutes. Dataset includes current timestamp, streamer name, stream title, game_id, stream start time, and viewership count. Contains 7,936,251 live stream data instances.
Male and Female Names
Rows: 76729
A dataset of names classified by race/ethnicity and sex. Columns: name, sex, race.
$20.00 to $15.00
Rows: 708
Learning machine data for American basketball players
Amazon Reviews
$200.00 to $169.99
Rows: 649979
Labelled dataset of Amazon reviews to be used for sentiment analysis or emotion-cause detection (.csv format)
Tweets on lockdown
$150.00 to $7.99
Rows: 6127
This is a data set having tweets along with the user name who tweeted that with the time of tweet creation.Here whole dataset is unique. To perform sentimental analysis and hate speech recognition this data set is ready to use database.