Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data & Sons?
Data & Sons is marketplace for buying and selling data. Our purpose is to increase the speed of knowledge development by providing financial incentive for people to develop, collect, aggregate, and organize data. You can easily upload your data to our site and offer it for sale or license. Buying data saves the time and effort that would otherwise be spent collecting, organizing, sorting and all those other boring and time consuming tasks involved in developing data yourself. Time and effort that can now be put into furthering knowledge development. Ain’t that something?

Does Data & Sons ever resell my data?
Nope. Never. We provide the market, you provide the content. You own your content.
For more details please read our User Agreement. What does Data & Sons get out of this?

What does Data & Sons get out of this?
We charge a standard 30% commission on all data sales.

What’s the difference between buying and licensing data?
When you buy data, you own it outright. You can reconfigure, redevelop, resell or do just about anything you want with it. For example you can take a data set you purchased, add some new data to it and offer it for resell or license.
When you license data, you accept the seller’s use restrictions. Our standard licensing agreement allows you to access the data for a period of time and you cannot offer any of this data for resell or license. For example, you could download the data and add it your existing data, but you cannot offer the data for sale or license.
In general, you should charge more for sales than for licensing your data since selling it gives the buyer more control and freedom.

How do I sell data?
Simply select the Submitting link on our home page and select Add Data Set or go to My Datasets, Add Data Set under your Account. You will first be asked to enter your banking information so we can instantly process payment from buyers. You can than upload your data. For more information, please see Payment Processing and Submitting Data Sets in our Help Topics area.

What kind of data can I sell?
Just about anything. We encourage people to offer a wide range of data for sale and license. Our goal is to speed knowledge development across a wide range of areas and disciplines.
We do respect individual privacy and restrict how data with personal information can be sold or licensed. In short, you cannot sell or license data with any kind of government identification number (e.g. passport and driver’s license numbers). You cannot sell or license any data with a person’s name and any sensitive information such as business account, biometric, medical, or performance information. Oh, and passwords are meant to be kept secret so none of those please.
Once you have submitted a data set for sale or license, we will review your data to insure it complies with our personal privacy guidelines. For more information, please see our Submitting guidelines.

How much should I charge for my data?
Pricing your data can be tricky, but in general we’ve found that three factors make data more valuable:

Accurate: The extent your data is real and reflects actual numbers.
Recent: Current data is more valuable than older data (i.e. data from this year is typically more valuable than data from 10 years ago).
Unique: Perhaps the most important factor is whether your data is available from other sources. If you are the only source, you can charge more. Supply and demand.

Is that my data?
If you think you have copyright on any data sets listed Data & Sons, please contact us immediately Please include “Copyright” in the email subject. We strictly adhere to the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act and take any claims of copyright infringement seriously and will seek to resolve them quickly.

Help Topics

Payment Processing
We instantly process all payments and require that you enter your banking information before uploading and selling or licensing data on Data & Sons. Because we do not hold any of your money, we need to have your banking information established to pay you whenever a buyer purchases or licenses your data.

Submitting Data Sets
Once you have established your banking information, you can upload data for sale or license. We have a three step process for uploading data:

Step 1
In Step 1, you will be asked to select a data file to upload. Your data needs to be in a comma separated value (.csv) format. You can easily convert data in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and most spreadsheet and statistical software to .csv format simply by selecting “Save As” and choosing .csv from a menu of file format choices. If you are having trouble converting your data into a .csv format, please consult the help section of the software you are using to organize your data.

After selecting a file to upload, select the category you think best describes your data set. This will help buyers find your data. If you do not see a category that accurately describes your data, please email us at with the subject heading “New Category” with your suggested category name.

Next, please enter a Title you think best describes your data, and then enter a Description. Please provide a brief description of your data including any key pieces of data you think buyers might be interested in (e.g.s business sales, rainfall amount, etc.). Also, any information you can provide on the data’s authenticity (e.g.s audited by an accountant, collected during a university research project, etc.) will help you attract buyers. The more information, the more buyers are likely to purchase your data.

After completing your description, please enter in five keywords. Keywords are searchable on the site and allow users your find your data more easily.

Next, please enter whether you would like to sell or license your data. If you want to sell your data, please enter the price in the Sale Price and leave the License Price blank. If you want to license your data, you can enter a licensing price in License Price and leave the Sales Price blank. You can also select both options by putting prices into both areas. You may want to charge a higher price for selling the data and a lower price for licensing the data. This allows you to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

If you have any questions on selling vs. licensing your data, please see What’s the Difference Between Buying and Licensing Data? under FAQs and our User Agreement.

Please enter the date range of your data set. For example, if you have data observations in 2005, 2006, and 2007, please select 2005-01-01 and 2007-12-31 in the date menus.

Finally, you will see “csv has headers” with the box checked. If the .csv file you uploaded has the column names in the first row, please leave the box checked. If the column names are not in your data set, uncheck the box. You will be asked to manually input them in the next step.

Step 2
Data & Sons will generate a preview of your data set to review in Step 2. If you need to input column headers or want to edit the column headers, simply select the link “If you need to enter column headers or want to make any edits to the column headers, please click here to make changes.”

You will then be taken to the Data Set Entry & Edit page. Each column in your data set will have a text entry. Simply type in the name of each column and hit “Next.” This will allow you to review your changes. Once you are completely satisfied with your data set, please select “Next” at the top of the Data Set Review page.

Step 3.
We provide a summary of your data set in Step 3. This how your data set listing will look to potential buyers. Please review the information and return to Step or Step 2 to make any changes. When you are ready to list your data set for sale, please select “Submit.”

We then review your data to make sure it is within our personal privacy policy guidelines and to check for any potential copyright issues.

Data Set Approval Process
We take personal privacy very seriously at Data & Sons. We exist to foster knowledge development, not to collect consumer information. All data submitted for sale or licensing must adhere to our Personal Privacy Policy. Once you submit your data, we will review it within 24 hours to make sure it adheres to our personal policy pledge and copyright. Your data will then be posted for sale on Data & Sons. If there are any issues with your data set, we will contact you with our suggested edits. If you approve of those edits, we will them approve the data set for sale.

We've tried to make Data & Sons as easy to use as possible. However, we're not perfect (although we are trying!) Please let us know how we can help you with any technical issues, feature requests, or pretty much anything else. Please note that we can only help with issues related to this site - if you have an emergency, please call the proper authorities!

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